We ask that all students arrive for class a few minutes early to ensure a proper warm up.  Gymnastics students must wear leotards or leotard type attire only.  Bare feet are fine.  Absolutely no footed tights or footwear other than gymnastics shoes may be worn.  No street clothes are to be worn.  Hair must be worn up and away from face.  Students are not permitted to enter the gym until an instructor has called them in.  Viewers are not permitted to enter the gym.  Gymnastics skills are not to be performed in the viewing area.  Siblings that are viewing a class must remain seated with their parents and relatively quiet as a courtesy to the other spectators.  In an effort to encourage each child’s independence and healthy growth in regards to maturity, spectators are not permitted to shout out words of encouragement or discipline from the viewing area.  Students are to remain with their group during class.  Parents are asked not to encourage children to run back and forth to the viewing area.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us provide your children with the most pleasant learning atmosphere possible.


1. Regarding monthly class tuition our payment policy is pretty straight forward and easy to follow.  The registration fee and the first month’s class fee will be due before a child begins her first class.  New students joining in the middle of a class month will be charged a prorated class fee.  After that all class fees are due by the 25th before each new class month.  Additional siblings receive a 50% discount for gymnastics classes only.  Open gym & registration fees are full price for additional siblings. Open gym & camps do not receive direct debit discounts.

2. Parents may pay by direct debit, check or money order.  If direct debit is chosen a $5.00 discount will be received every month off of the class tuition ($2.50 for additional siblings & classes).

3. A $5.00 late fee will be charged if class fees are received  after the 1st.

4. Checks & direct debits returned to us marked NSF will be charged a $20.00 collection fee, and may be electronically collected from your financial institution.  Any account that is more than one month over due will result in suspension of the student’s participation.

5. If your child decides to stop participating in the program for a period of time please let us know by leaving a note in the payment box.  If your child’s account is paid by direct debit please let us know before the 22nd so that your account does not get debited for the following month.  Those who contact us after this date will receive a full refund if requested.

6. We do not offer refunds for missed classes if any part of a month was attended.  No refunds or credits will be issued for partial attendance of summer camp.  No credits or refunds will be offered for missed classes, camps, parties, special order items, gym show leotards and any other retail items, competition attire, or competition entry or registration fees.

7. We offer a set student/teacher ratio for all classes to insure quality instruction.  In that regard even if a student only attends one class in a month the entire month’s class fee is due.  Attendance is the responsibility of the child.  As a courtesy, we do offer make up classes, but only when available.  This does not included scheduled break weeks and holidays.  Make up classes are only offered to active students and may not be used by those no longer paying a monthly fee, nor may be transferred to siblings.  Only active students may participate in private lessons, and these fees are due when scheduled regardless of attendance.

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